Bryan Reginald Scott, age 83, died peacefully on Monday, February 8, 2016 at his daughter's house in Portland, Oregon.  He was diagnosed with advanced throat cancer and mild dementia in November of 2015.

Bryan was born April 27, 1932 in Kent, England to Reginald and Phyllis Scott.  Because his mother was ill with tuberculosis, Bryan was raised by his grandmother Scott in Newcastle, England.  After his mother's death in 1939, Bryan remained with his grandmother and his two younger brothers, John and Gordon, went to live with their father and step-mother.

At age fourteen, Bryan was apprenticed to an accountant while also attending night school.  At age eighteen, Bryan was conscripted to the Royal Air Force where he served for three years.  Much of his service time was spent in Egypt and Northern Africa.

 At age twenty-five, Bryan moved to American Falls, Idaho to live with Hank and Janey Vollweiler.  Hank was an American soldier in England during World War II and befriended Bryan when he was a young boy.  After two years in American Falls, Bryan moved to Tacoma, Washington where he worked as a stock broker for nearly a decade.

In 1970, Bryan moved to Yakima, Washington to work for Grange Insurance as an adjuster.  It was in Yakima where Bryan met Gay Lange in the United Methodist Church choir.  They married on July 10, 1971.  Four years later the couple moved to Eugene, Oregon where Bryan received his MBA from the University of Oregon in 1978. The couple moved briefly to Otter Rock, Oregon but returned to Yakima where Bryan taught business at Central Washington University for a short time.  Bryan then went on to teach business at Lewis Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho until 1985.

 On April 28, 1985, Bryan's only child Wendy Anne, was born.  He instantly named his daughter Fuzzles because she only had a little peach fuzz for hair.  For the next three years Bryan was House Dad for his new child.

Several years later, he split with Gay and moved to the small cabin in Otter Rock, Oregon that they had started building together. The cabin was never finished but Bryan lived there for nearly 30 years. He was content with a simple life, eating baked beans and bread (which he deemed “the perfect protein”), frozen vegetables, and drinking lots of tea. He enjoyed watching old black and white movies and listening to classical music. He loved feeding the birds and neighbourhood cats. If a spider or fly got inside, he made sure to capture it and take back outside.

Bryan attended St James Episcopal Church of Lincoln City, and that is where he met his “sweetie,” Marcia Kennedy, in 1995. Marcia and Bryan enjoyed each other’s company for nearly two decades.  It didn’t hurt that they saw eye to eye on religion, politics, movies, and music. Marcia passed away in 2013, and that is when his health started to decline.

Bryan’s passion was “racing the bike.” He spent much of his life strapping on the cycling shoes and hitting the road. His health was always important to him - in his later years, he was a regular at the Newport Recreation Center and he even went on a long walk the day before he passed away. He always loved cracking jokes, something he continued doing even in his final days when many of Wendy’s friends came by to visit and share a cup of tea with him.

Bryan is survived by his daughter, Wendy Anne Scott and son-in-law, Brent Asher Hedberg of Portland, Oregon.  He is also survived by two brothers, John Scott of Newcastle, England and Gordon Scott of Lancaster, England; four half siblings, Valerie Jensen of Melbourne, Australia, Donald Scott of Highworth, Wiltshire, England, Barbara Mathews of London, England and Donald Scott of Redcar, North Yorkshire, England.  He is also survived by nieces and nephews, Julie, Sharon, Stephen, John and Phillip of England and Richard and Lynette of Australia.

A funeral service will be held on April 17, 2016 at Birtley Parish St John Church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

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